The growth of the Internet and the function of hosting

The growth of the Internet, as a phenomenon, has given rise to services and options in different branches of markets. Currently, almost all of the services and products that users need are found online. From news, information, communication, products, professional services, and so on. The web has created a parallel, virtual world, capable of satisfying almost all the needs of society.

Web hosting the growth has been able to be carried out by the combination of work and the acceptance of the users, who increase every day and continue asking for more to this phenomenon. Comparing the statistics with the year 2000, the growth of the users was 936%; Until March this year 2,017 people using the Internet have risen to just over 3,739,698,500 and that number is expected to increase significantly over time.

Users who use the web can access more than 1 billion pages that exist, and without a doubt, having a website is the entrance to this virtual window that allows a 24-hour exposure. All those people who want to have their own site, need in the beginning a domain and a hosting service. The latter is the service that allows users to host your site on the web.

Selecting the hosting to use is not an easy task because it requires an investigation. In conjunction with the growth of the Internet, there have grown in number companies offering web hosting services. This increase gives users the task of finding them to make the right decision. And this is where work begins.

TodoHostings is a comparative portal that offers users who need it the information of the best web hosting services. Within its content path, hostings are analyzed in the form of reviews, taking into account the different hosting packages, the business characteristics, the services that each includes, the prices, and among other data, the actual opinions of some of its Users. work is significant for users because it allows them to reduce the web hosting options to the best ones; Being able to determine among them, which is the one that can better meet their needs and the needs presented by their project.

In addition to the objective reviews it gives, offers users information about web hosting, tips, service comparisons, recommendations and more. The entire service provided by this information company is completely free, and users can access it, without limits or restrictions. It is a portal to help the community that wants to immerse themselves in the world of web pages.

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